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Delayed data = real time ?

So I'm using tradingview to view the S&P 500 MICRO, it's delayed by 10 minutes currently. Is this data the same as real time data, just delayed by 10 min? Like if compared to real time it's identical what happens in real time and delayed, delayed just is 10 minutes behind?
I can't find a real time futures chart for free anywhere. So I'm using tradingview for paper trading my day trading strategy. Wanted to make sure the results would be the same, that the delayed data isn't completely different from a real time chart
Like how forex demos are usually different than live account data.
Thank you!
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U.S. Taxes and forex

I've been trading on my forex demo for around 9 months regularly, im doing well enough and have confidence in my ability and I plan on going live November 1st. Just in time for the election to eff everything up regardless of who wins. Anyway is forex taxed as capital gains or something else? I make more than the 78k in my main job so I don't think I'll have 0% capital gains tax, so im thinking it'll be like 15% but honestly... I have no idea. Am I thinking about it correctly?
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Forex No deposit Bonus

What is a forex live test? It is a test connected by forex specialists in which authentic brokers can share. This isn't for everybody since it blends genuine cash.
Before you join any forex live exchanging challenge, you ought to without a doubt join the forex demo challenge first to experience how a test limits.
Accurately when you experience enough getting together with demo troubles, by then you can try forex live challenges. It is a good framework to win cool and stunning prizes. By a wide edge the vast majority of the troubles are held either constantly, each little advance in turn or month to month
Essentially review that you are defying a test with your undertaking since you are exchanging with credible cash in the live test. We unflinchingly propose you get a no store prize on the off chance that you are new to genuine exchanging.
Before you search after the test, promise you read all the terms and conditions carefully. Affirmation you can satisfy these terms and conditions. Going before inspecting the test, know whether there are any stores that you have to make.
Demand that you have elegant assets. You can be blocked if your head recognizes that the data or archives you gave are stunt.
Since Forex No deposit Bonus exchanges with authentic cash, you should consider the hazards being recommended. The key objective here isn't connected with winning the test yet to exchange expertly.
There are 3 perspectives you can use in any live record exchanging. We consider it the 3M: Money Management, Method, Mental.
In live exchanging, the security of your capital is fundamental. It is a silly intend to bet away your safeguarded cash. We as a rule utilize the danger reward level of 1:2.
It amasses in each exchange, we have the likelihood to lose 100 Dollars or to win 200 dollars. With this reasonable cash the heads figured, we can augment our productive prospects.
It is said that with the correct cash the board, we can overpower in forex exchanging. By essentially watching the inclination for how we risk our hypothesis, we are prepared for the forex live test.
With the noticeable thought of the web, forex exchanging is overwhelmed with various kinds of forex structures and frameworks. All these are overpowering and can be confusing.
You ought to no doubt pick a structure that is positively not hard to comprehend. A decent procedure is one that is clear and clean. At whatever point you have aced it, stick to it.
One destructive misconception made by all amateur transporters is that they impact starting with one framework then onto the going with, for instance, taking care of the favored goal. There is nothing of the sort.
Affirmation the structure that you have at the top of the need list for exchanging ought not be a brilliant one. You should have the decision to uncover it to an adolescent who is around the age of 12 or something like that.
The exchanging of huge worth progression fits out and out well here. This framework is viewed as the most peaceful exchanging strategy. This structure can without an inside and out amazing stretch be clarified.
On the off chance that you clarify the brief bits of cost in the market, you won't need to genuinely explain with the jumbled terms like exchanging programming, the tangled math, or such a pointers.
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Những thuật ngữ trong giao dịch forex

Đối với nhiều người mới tìm hiểu về forex, việc hiểu ý nghĩa các thuật ngữ chuyên môn trước khi tham gia giao dịch forex là điều bắt buộc. Rất nhiều lần, tôi nhận được câu hỏi dạng như thế này: Tôi hoàn toàn chưa biết gì về forex, tôi nên bắt đầu từ đâu? Ở bài viết này, tôi sẽ giải đáp một số từ ngữ chuyên môn trong forex cho các bạn nắm bắt được khái niệm cơ bản trước khi bước vào giao dịch forex demo để trade thử.
1. Đồng tiền chính và đồng tiền phụ
Trong Forex có 8 loại tiền thường được giao dịch là USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, NZD và AUD được gọi là các đồng tiền chính. Đây là các đồng tiền có thanh khoản cao và sức hấp dẫn. Những đồng tiền còn lại được xem là các đồng tiền phụ.
2. Đồng tiền yết giá
Là đồng tiền nằm trước trong mỗi cặp tiền được yết giá. Nó thể hiện giá trị của đồng tiền này, tức là muốn đổi được 1 đồng tiền yết giá phải tốn bao nhiêu đồng tiền đi cặp với nó. Ví dụ như tỷ giá USDCHF là 1.6350 tức là 1 USD đáng giá 1.6350 CHF. Trong thị trường tài chính thì thường đồng USD đóng vai trò yết giá, chỉ trong một số trường hợp là không phải như các cặp EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD và NZDUSD.
3. Đồng tiền định giá
Là đồng tiền đứng sau trong các cặp tiền.
4. Pip
Là đơn vị nhỏ nhất của giá trong các đồng tiền. Hầu như các cặp tiền đều có 4 số thập phân nên pip là đơn vị nhỏ nhất, tương đương với 0.0001, như vậy, thường 1 pip tương đương với 1/100 cent của Mỹ nếu trường hợp USD đóng vai trò đồng tiền định giá. Trong trường hợp đồng tiền định giá là JPY thì 1 pip tương đương với 0.01.
5. Pipette
1 pipette tức là 1/10 của pip. Pipette tùy theo cty báo giá sẽ có hoặc không có. Pipette là con số thập phân thứ 5 trong báo giá. Ví dụ nếu EURUSD có báo giá là 1.32156 tăng lên 1.32158 thì đó là tăng 2 pipette.
6. Bid
Là giá mà ngân hàng hoặc cty môi giới mua một đồng tiền nào đó và cũng là giá mà nếu bạn bán ra thị trường, bạn sẽ được khớp giá này. Giá này là giá đưng trước trong báo giá
Ví dụ báo giá là GBPUSD : 1.8812/1.8815 thì giá Bid là 1.8812, có nghĩa là nếu bạn bán cặp tiền này thì thị trường sẽ mua lại ở mức giá 1.8812.
7. Ask/offer price
Là mức giá mà thị trường chào bán cho bạn, tức là nếu bạn đặt lệnh mua thì bạn được khớp giá này. Giá này là giá đứng sau trong báo giá. Ví dụ báo giá của EURUSD là 1.2812/1.2815 thì giá chào bán – ask – là 1.2815, có nghĩa là bạn mua cặp tiền này thì bạn khớp giá 1.2815.
8. Spread
Spread thì chênh lệch giữa giá chào mua / chào bán. Ví dụ như EURUSD là 1.2812/1.2815 thì spread là 3 pips.
Qui định báo giá trên thị trường thường thấy là:
Đồng tiền yết giá / Đồng tiền định giá = Bid / Ask
(ví dụ : GBPUSD = 1.6250/55)
9. Phí giao dịch
Chi phí giao dịch này chính là spread, là khoản phí bạn mất cho 1 giao dịch 1 vòng (bao gồm 1 lệnh mua và 1 lệnh bán cùng 1 khối lượng).
Ví dụ như EURUSD = 1.2812/1.2815 thì chi phí giao dịch (spread) = ask – bid = 3 pips.
10. Cross pair
Là những cặp tiền không không có đồng USD trong đó. Thực ra những cặp tiền này được hình thành từ những cặp tiền có đồng USD, ví dụ như bạn mua cặp tiền EURGBP tức là bạn mua 2 cặp là EURUSD và bán cặp tiền GBPUSD, cụ thể hơn :
Mua EURUSD = mua EUR bán USD
Bán GBPUSD = bán GBP mua USD
Cộng 2 vế 2 bên lại ta được: Mua EURGBP = Mua EUR bán GBP
Như vậy giao dịch cặp EURGBP là giao dịch thông qua 2 cặp EURUSD và GBPUSD
11. Margin
Khi bạn mở tài khoản giao dịch forex, bạn cần bỏ vào đó 1 số tiền và số tiền đó gọi là tiền ký quỹ. Yêu cầu số tiền là bao nhiêu tùy thuộc vào công ty môi giới, có thể là 100 usd hoặc 100.000 usd. Mỗi khi bạn đặt lệnh, sẽ có 1 phần tiền nhất định được giữ như là yêu cầu ký quỹ cần thiết cho lệnh này. Số tiền được giữ tùy theo khối lượng lệnh bạn giao dịch và loại tiền bạn giao dịch.
Ví dụ bạn mở 1 tài khoản mini với đòn bẩy được cho phép là 1:200, tức là 0.5% ký quỹ. Cho rằng mỗi lot mini là 10.000 usd và bạn giao dịch 1 lot mini, cty sẽ yêu cầu bạn phải có 50 usd ký quỹ ban đầu vì 1 lot mini là 10.000 usd x 0.5% tỷ lệ ký quỹ yêu cầu = 50 usd.
12. Đòn bẩy
Là tỷ lệ giữa số vốn cần ký quỹ và số tiền được giao dịch sau khi đã ký quỹ. Điều này giúp chúng ta chỉ cần bỏ 1 số vốn nhỏ để giao dịch 1 số tiền lớn. Đòn bẩy có tỷ lệ khác nhau tùy theo công ty môi giới, mức độ có thể là 1:2 đến 1:500.
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I am getting 10% daily return on my Forex Demo account. Need Advice.

Like the title says, I am doing crazy good on my Forex demo account. I want to know is this sort of thing common and will it all completely change when I make a live account.
For some background I have been only studying Forex for about 2 weeks but during those 2 weeks I have not stopped learning. I came across a strategy that is now making me 10% returns per day and I'm fairly sure I could make that number higher with more practice.
Any advice with this would be much appreciated.
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Some Advice?

I've been using the Forex demo account to try and understand how to trade. I've been practicing in the demo account for 2 weeks with a strategy I now understand is called 'scalp trading' and got lucky with 2K in a 48 hour span which as I've seen while watching the Forex reddit forum, is still pretty low for most users.
Without disclosing strategies that you would use, where would be a good example to break into the market? I've started to find where trend lines are after watching a couple people watch trends tracing back from 1 month, down to the 1 hour mark and then they trade long from there. I don't expect there to be a ton of activity with a brand new account but the adrenaline rush of trading and coming out even 10 cents ahead is amazing. The other thing I've been working to try and understand is reading a candlestick chart to see where I can pick up on a break to start a trade. Getting burned a couple times today hasn't made me want to quit, just learn what I did wrong so I can improve!
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Advice on Trading Sessions - Trade Only Currency Pairs Associated with the Session?

Hey guys I am new to the forex world and still in the learning phase.
I have taken courses, watched tons of video content and made notes.
Currently i have a forex demo account and trading account with a list of pairs i cycle through to watch for my setup.
I have a question though regarding when to enter a market...
Is it okay to enter a trade when the sessions for the one of the pairs in the currency is closed? Is it recommended not to do this? Rather trade pairs with currently active sessions? Lastly, is it okay to enter a trade which has your setup but... the setup appears towards the end the session or when volume/volatility beings to drop?
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4 Essential Things to Look Out For in an Online Forex Trading Platform

The massive opportunity to profit from the foreign exchange market coupled with the ease that investors can trade from the comfort of their homes with just a PC and an internet connection means that the list of traders in favor of using an online forex trading platform is growing every day. If you are keen to do away with your phone broker, it is important to choose your online forex trading platform with care. You should be well accustomed with the kind of platform you choose, because the success of your trade will depend on how comfortable you are with using the features in your chosen platform. Here are a few things that you need to know before zeroing in on one. Forex license
Great for Beginners
If you are new to online forex trading, opting for an online forex trading platform with an easy to understand user interface will help in your learning curve tremendously. In many good platforms, you will get charting software that would help you to analyze and time your trades properly. Some platforms offer a whole suite of features that might clutter the screen and confuse the newbie forex trader. It's important to choose a platform that you feel comfortable with and allows you to trade with ease.
Regular Market Updates
Choosing a good online forex trading platform will also help you to keep a tab on various market trends and economic news. Since all current market updates will be available to you, you will no longer need to look to outside sources to gather the required information. Forex Broker license
Forex Demo Account
It will take some time to get accustomed to the operations of your online forex trading platform. It would be wiser to open a forex demo account before you start using the real thing. A great feature would be the ability to customize the setting of your forex demo account to be as realistic as possible so that you will not face too many surprises when you start trading live.
What Works for You?
Some platforms have to be downloaded to your home computer while others have to be accessed online. While there are pros and cons to both, it's important to choose an online forex trading platform that suits your needs rather than to try to conform to its requirements and limitations. It is important to put some thought into this from the start as once you have funded your account and begin to trade live, changing a platform can be quite a hassle.
View More:- Obtain an Offshore Forex License
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Gelir elde etmek isteyen herkesin dikkatini çeken bir yatırım alanı olarak görülen Foreks’te kazanmak için uyulması gereken temel kurallar vardır. Yatırımcılar başlangıç aşaması itibariyle bu kurallara ne kadar uyarsa ve ne kadar planlı bir şekilde hareket ederse kazanma riskini de o kadar arttıracak ve böylece Foreks ile başarı dolu bir hikaye yazabilecektir. Bu açıdan Foreks’te kazanmak için uyulması gereken temel kurallar için kişilerin listeye göz atması oldukça yararlı olacaktır.

Foreks’te kazanmak için uyulması gereken temel kurallar nelerdir?

Foreks’te kazanmak isteyen kişinin öncelikli olarak dikkat etmesi gereken detay yeterli deneyime ulaşmaktır. Piyasaları, Foreks dünyasını ve kullanılan programları yeteri kadar öğrenmek gerçek para ile yatırım yapma aşamasına gelmeyi ifade edecektir. Bu nedenle kendinizi hazır hissetmediğiniz sürece piyasalardan uzak durmalısınız. Bu sizin için kaybetme riskini ortadan kaldıracak ve daha doğru bir şekilde işlem yapmanız adına size zaman kazandıracaktır.
Foreks fiyat grafikleri, analizler ve yardımcı grafikleri okuma teknikleri farklıdır. Analiz tekniği olmak üzere Foreks’te kullanılan bu araçları A’dan Z’ye bilmeniz ve doğru bir şekilde yorumlamaya başlamanız gerekir. Bu nedenle de hazır olurken bu konudaki yeterliliğinizi de mutlaka göz önünde bulundurmalısınız.
Foreks için kendinizi bu konuda eksiksiz bir hale getirdikten sonra ise ekonomi dünyasını yakından takip etmeli ve tüm gelişmeleri Foreks açısından nasıl değerlendirmeniz gerektiğini de öğrenmelisiniz. Böylece kurlarda yaşanacak artış ya da düşüşleri önceden tespit etme ve buna göre Foreks alanında pozisyon alma imkanı bulacaksınız.

Forex Demo Hesap

Tüm bu yeterlilikler için kişilere demo hesapta denemeler yapması ve kendini ölçmesi önemlidir. Her bir yatırım alanında, belirli bir risk vardır bu riski almak adına ise kişileri doğru bir plan ve program yapması gerekecektir. Üstelik sadece Türkiye ile sınırlı kalmayarak tüm uluslararası piyasaları yakından takip etmek ve ülkeler arasındaki ilişkileri, devletlerin ekonomi alanındaki yaratacağı etkileri doğru yorumlamak gerekecektir. Zira Foreks ekonominin en önemli bölümlerinden bir tanesi olarak son derece hareketli ve farklı bir piyasadır. Yaşanabilecek küçük bir olay dahi piyasalarda büyük etkiler yaratabileceğinden dolayı tüm bunların yatırım aşamasında doğru bir şekilde değerlendirilmesi gerekecektir.
Kaynak :
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Hafizzat Rusli || How to Make Forex Trading Easier For Beginners

Hafizzat Rusli || How to Make Forex Trading Easier For Beginners
Hafizzat Rusli one of the best Trader and businessman provides you best tips to make a successful feature in Trade industry.

Hafizzat Rusli
Foreign exchange is truly a domain of wonders. From its vastness to its profitability, there's a lot to experience, including the profit. As a Forex trading beginner, you will have a lot to grasp, which might often leave you intimidated, that's the nature of any online trading. While many feel Forex to be scary, it's just a matter of perspective! Forex trading when approached right will be a breeze. Agreed that losing money is an unpleasant experience, but losses are a part of the game and a natural consequence. The currency trading isn't about making profits all day; it is about making more profits than losses, which isn't that easy as you think.
However, you can achieve consistent profits in Forex by following the 3 crucial tips as in the following lines.
Here are 3 simple steps to get started with Forex and see profits:
1) Devise An Impeccable Plan: The Forex trading strategies you employ will be the cornerstone of your trades. This is why the plan devised has to be absolutely on-point. Novice Forex traders, driven by the rush to profit, fail to give prioritize strategizing over trading. Hastiness in trading will only lead to losses. With a good strategy to rely on, you will be able to give yourself direction. That's one of the main reasons a plan is required. When backed by a plan, you will know what has to be achieved, how it should be achieved and the problems that said achievement will come with. Starting off, spend more time learning and devising plans than trading.
2) Learn Different Techniques and Approaches: Beginners often tend to stick to the same few strategies and currencies. The beauty of Forex trading lies in the freedom it provides traders. You are free to work with any strategy you like, on any timeframe and with any currency pair! Though there's such flexibility, many Forex traders tend to work with the same techniques. As a beginner, it might be risky to try different approaches, but you can learn them, practice on a good Forex demo platform and implement when you feel confident! Diversification is the key to achieving currency trading success.
3) Keep the Risks and Expectations Minimal: What you expect from your trade is what you will chase, so keep them small and real. Sometimes, small trades can help you test the strategies, and failure won't affect you much either. Expecting an overnight profit of a million dollars isn't going to work out! Similarly, the risks you take to achieve said expectations should also be affordable. Many Forex trading beginners risk too less or too much and end up paying a hefty price. Dream big, but dream real and always knows where to draw the line.
These 3 simple Forex trading tips will get you on your feet swiftly and help you master the art of Forex trading in no time! Make the most of it.
For more tips and updated keep following Hafizzat Rusli.
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Форекс конкурс на демо-счетах - "Властелин Крипто"

Брокер FXOpen приглашает принять участие в очередном конкурсе на демо-счетах и на этот раз испытать свои силы в торговле криптовалютами.
Read more:
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😲 A virtual battle for real-world money!

😲 A virtual battle for real-world money!
Earn the highest return on a #Forex_Demo_Contest while keeping drawdown to a minimum.
How? Here the conditions:
If you want to know how does a #demo_contest work then you can read this
My question for you did you win any #demo_competition in your whole trading experience?
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Position Trading Strategy - For Beginners

Position Trading Strategy - For Beginners
Traders often bloat with misconceptions as of which strategy would be the ideal one to trade with. The answer is, there is no ideal strategy. Strategies are what we traders build by ourselves to trade. Position trading is one such strategy like day trading which is being widely used by people all over the world. For those who are unfamiliar about position trading, let’s buckle up and get committed to learning some important position trading strategies.


Position Trading is usually where a trader enters into a position, holds his instrument until he figures out the right time to sell it. The trade duration may last from several weeks to months, and sometimes, even years. A position trader’s greatest attribute is his patience which helps him stand against the market odds and gain profits.


Since you are about to enter into a position, choose the right instrument to stay on track. Before investing, get to know about the history of the instrument with the help of long-term charts, economic factors and predict where the price would reach after a certain period of time. If you think it might work, you can go ahead with the chosen instrument. It is important that you are strong in your position trading techniques and understand how to position trading works.


Before entering into a position, make sure you do a thorough groundwork, a repeated number of times. Your chances of becoming a successful position trader will likely be higher if you have a good sense of foresight which can be acquired by updating yourself with the market news. Predicting the markets and trading with knowledgeable guesses will help you gain profits.


Certain economic, political factors and events could create a peak difference in the price of the instrument and the aftermath would be either pleasant or unpleasant. But, to be on the safer side, it is always better to set a stop loss to your deal. Stop-loss is a feature beyond which your deal doesn’t progress. When the specified target price is reached, the order gets executed minimizing your losses and acts a shield to your career.


Position trading requires less effort when compared to other trading strategies. Once you enter into a position, you wait till the instrument reaches the expected price and execute the trade. But monitoring the price fluctuations continuously could be a tiring process. GTC helps you fix the desired price and automatically executes the trade once the target has been reached thus making the overall trading process more comfortable. Manual execution can also be done if you are satisfied with the current price of the instrument.


Minor fluctuations that occur in the price of the instrument does not create sensations among position traders. But what if a trend reversal occurs and the market goes against you? Though stop loss if implemented would minimize the losses, it could be a disheartening event for a position trader. Good knowledge and a well-predicted trade deal would avoid all mishaps and losses.
Position trading strategy, one of the best trading strategy can help you earn profits amidst the wild volatile market. Using proper risk management factors and going with the market trends can help you survive in the market.
Forex trading has been in existence for a long period of time and there are a lot of myths and facts doing the rounds in the market. It is up to you to suit yourself, take what is needed and build yourself a successful forex trading career!. Try our forex demo account for free.
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Advice needed for buying into dips/selling into climbs on trends.

I've been on-and-off into Forex (demo accounts only) since 2011. Never had much success with it, largely due to a lack of any systematic strategy. I've restarted a month ago, using a demo trade interceptor account. My general approach has been to look for trends and then buy the dips of uptrends and sell the uptick corrections of downtrends. I stick with majors and crosses (eurusd, cadchf/euraud just as examples). I always aim for at least 1:2 risk-reward ratio. I'm trading on 15 min charts but always check that the trend isn't about to hit support/resistance from a larger timeframe.
I initially had a great success rate, with 8/9 successful trades. Since then, for the past 40 trades, it's been more like 30% and falling quickly. I am keeping systematic and keep a log of all trades. I have not seen any difference between high and low risk days/times of the day.
Is there anything I can do to tune my strategy? Thanks.
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Advantages Of Trading In Kuwait And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Advantages Of Trading In Kuwait And How You Can Make Full Use Of It
Geographically small but financially robust and strong, Kuwait has within the vast resources that have made it a central hub in the GCC. The steady growth of financial brokerages in Kuwait is witnessing a new trading culture among the civilians of Kuwait. Reliable and trustworthy brokerages are constantly delivering quality services to their clients over the past few years. Let’s explore a few important aspects of trading applicable to the Kuwaiti investment scene too which could significantly enhance your income and help your trading career take off.


Trading is not bound by the daily 9am-6pm routine. You are free to trade at your own pace round-the-clock even after your regular day job. It is to be noted that you may lose your entire investment when you trade on impulse in the absence of a well-thought-out strategy.


Lacking any experience of the currency markets? A forex demo account incorporates most of the features of a live account and provides you with the opportunity to trade in a simulated environment. There isn’t any major difference except the fact that a live account requires you to invest real money whereas a demo account provides you with virtual funds in your trading account.


The forex market is the world’s largest financial market with an average daily turnover of USD 5.3 trillion. There are always traders available to buy /sell commodities, currencies etc. at any point of time in the FX market due to its vast liquidity. Thus there is never a dearth of opportunities for anyone to enter or exit a trade and make profits.


Since trading is a worldwide phenomenon, you can trade with different currency pairs from different parts of the world. There is utter transparency while investing forex markets and there is no room for any fraudulent practices.


Devising your own individual strategy is vital to the level of success you achieve in your trades. Trading experts would suggest to either adopt a well-devised plan or build a new strategy that works best for you. You can use the demo account to practice & build your strategies and gain confidence. No one wants to put their live account at stake.


The trading interface plays a crucial role in executing your strategies in a seamless manner. Different financial brokerages offer different trading platforms. So test-drive your platform to check out its features and efficiency before setting out to execute an order.


Could you possibly imagine yourself starting to trade without knowing the basic trading-related terms? There is much more to trading than a simple buy/sell transaction. Trading platforms by default will have all the data you need to know and you can refer to the same whenever you are uncertain about something. Still, ignorance is not bliss in this case and trading blindly without adequate knowledge will only increase your losses.


At times, you might put yourself in a situation where all the FAQs on the website may not answer your queries. This is where the customer support team plays their part. It is important for a brokerage firm to provide 24 hours of service & solutions to their clients. All brokerages in Kuwait have clearly understood that and have been working on it.


You take the decisions, you face the consequences. There is no intermediate bot or human influencing your trade. Once when you have mastered the art of trading there will be no looking back. It is the initial phase where you have to be patient and gain knowledge.
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How A Forex Demo Account Helps Master Trading

Practical learning is times better than visual, theoretical learning. This applies incredibly well to Forex trading. No matter how many blogs you read and how many videos you watch, no learning experience comes close to Forex demo trading. A Forex demo account simulates real-time trades that currency players can learn from.

Learn more from here.
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pen your free forex demo stage and exchange your feeling. All forex exchanges include two monetary standards since you're wagering on the estimation of a money against another. Consider EUUSD, the most-exchanged money pair on the planet. EUR, the principal money in the pair, is the base, and USD, the second, is the counter.
Forex free
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5 Steps To Stay Focused On Forex Trading

5 Steps To Stay Focused On Forex Trading

5 Steps To Stay Focused On Forex Trading

Forex traders often cut down the possibilities of winning trades owing to lack of focus and adeptness. Focus or the lack of it can either make or break your trading career. But staying focused does not mean you have to be glued to your desktop or mobile screen all the time. Being clear-headed about what you are aiming for and by what means you are going to achieve it is how you can remain focused & goal-oriented. Though it means much more than that, let’s discuss a few simple steps for novice traders that can help you to stay on the right track.


If becoming an ace trader is your prime goal, then you have to develop some positive habits of successful traders. Price volatility is a decisive factor in deciding the outcome of your trades. So, remain up-to-date on market movements to stay on top of your trades.


Forex traders often let emotions while investing forex and trading career. Though it is practically impossible to eradicate emotions altogether, it is wise to curb your emotions to maintain trading discipline. Do not make your trading decisions based on emotional impulses. You will lose focus by letting your heart rule over your head and consequently ruin your trades.


You might be depressed and stressed if things do not turn out the way you expect them to. At times like these, it would be in your best interest to pause trading for a short while instead of acting in the heat of the moment. That way you won’t be wasting time, you will only save yourself from further misery. Once your mind is calm, focus on what went wrong and why it had to happen that way. The more you exhibit stress, the harder you will find it to focus on your trading career.


Newsletters and blogs are an excellent way to keep yourself focused on your career. Your habits after the trading hours also influence your trading career. So make it a point to subscribe and read at least one blog per day. Additional knowledge gives you an edge when it comes to taking tough decisions.


You must be confident about your approach if you want to make progress. Even the most carefully-devised strategies could fail at times. But that doesn’t matter. Being confident helps you stay focused and increase your ability to adapt to various market situations which are essential to becoming an ideal trader.
Concluding remarks: It is important to inculcate positive habits and be discerning to determine what works for you and what does not. Staying focused cannot happen overnight, but once you understand its importance and work towards it, you will be a gainer, in the long run, get the forex demo account now.
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Forex Demo Hesap Açma

Forex Demo Hesap Açma yöntemleri ve bilmeniz gerekenler için makaleyi okuyabilirsiniz.
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Alfa Scalper Review

Alfa Scalper Review
Trading in FOREX isn't as straightforward as it seen from outside. Forex trading requires a lot of planning and hard work to be successful and it is necessary to know that so it is possible to commence approaching the markets with that mindset. If you are a newcomer to forex trading, I strongly recommend that you start off with a totally free forex demo account to discover how it works before you invest any true money. Forex trading is a learned skill and everyone can learn to trade Forex but you require the appropriate education and to prevent the myths first and alfa scalper review then you should adopt the correct mindset to be successful. Penny Stock Day trading isn't exactly a sort of investing.
Brokers are institutions that are licensed to create trades for your benefit with the marketplace. True, an excellent broker can execute a valuable support. Well the very first issue is to discover the perfect FOREX broker.
The very best approach to discover wise ways to spend your money is to be well prepared and strategically analyze all the investing options that are available to you. The variety of lots that you deal with is contingent on the sum of money you deposit to start trading. You already are aware that it will generate income in the long run, hence the sole thing that's left that you do is to ensure your trading account survives in the long run. The secret is to master whatever it's you're doing before you really place your hard-earned money into the equation.
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Advantages of Forex Demo Account in Trading

There are ample of advantages associated with a demo forex account whilst learning the real forex without spending actual money is on top advantage. The following blog complies bunch of benefits of forex demo account for beginners. Make the most of it -
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Forex Demo contest 2018

Forex demo contest is a contest as means contest is a contest just need a demo account to join a demo contest although a demo contest has various rules and condition. But it's a good chance to learn real contest. To find all new demo contest in one place goes forexvolumes there is no alternative.
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Tu primer paso en Forex: Cuenta Demo y MetaTrader 4 - YouTube How to Start and Practice Forex trading with a demo ... Xforex - Free Demo Account Downloads Vs_002 FOREX TRADING FOR BEGINNERS: HOW TO SETUP A DEMO ACCOUNT ... Web Trading Overview - YouTube Forex Trading for Beginners - YouTube Download Forex X Code How to set up Forex Demo Account in MetaTrader 4  Hugo's ... How To Open A Free MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Demo Account ... easy-forex, Guide, How to withdraw? - YouTube Demo Account Whether you're new to currency trading or already an experienced forex trader, our risk-free $10,000 forex demo account is an ideal way to get started at Register below for free and full access to our platforms for the next 30 days. Simply sign up for the free Trading Station forex demo account to enjoy live buy & sell prices, £50,000 of virtual currency and the ability to trade online 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As you become familiar with Trading Station's advanced features and functionality, we're confident that it will become your go-to forex, CFD and Spread Betting platform. Becoming Familiar With Trading Station ... offers a free $50,000 demo forex trading account with no risk and no obligation. Profitable Investitionen am Forex-Markt: kopieren Sie Transaktionen von erfolgreichen Trader. Contest FX by RoboForex. 12 september 18:20:09 UTC+3. Geldauszahlungen ohne Provisionen! Zweimal im Monat eine kostenlose Auszahlung nur für RoboForex Kunden. +65 3158 8389. Kontakt. Nachrichten; Kalender; Forex Wettbewerbe; FAQ; Demo Forex. $ 3 000 . Preisgeld. Teilnehmen; Regeln; Rangliste №114 ... Forex ZEON-X PRO Demo - Forex Expert Advisors’ review and real statistics of popular Forex trading software for MetaTrader4 Bei einigen Anbietern müssen Forex Demo-Nutzer allerdings mit veralteten Kursen, befristeten Zugängen und lästigen Anrufen rechnen. Dennoch ist die Suche nach einem Anbieter mit einem Forex Demokonto durchaus eine gute Idee und das nicht nur für Einsteiger. Themenübersicht: 1. Unterschiede zwischen Devisenhandel Demokonto und Livekonto 2. Forex Demokonto Vergleich: Nicht jeder Broker ... Fazit: Der Handel über ein Forex Demo-Konto entspricht nicht immer den realen Trading-Bedingungen. So kann es Unterschiede bei den Spreads oder aber auch bei der Orderausführung geben. Einige Online-Broker garantieren ihren Kunden jedoch eine eins-zu-eins-Umsetzung des Handels. 5.) Unser Fazit: Handelsplattform risikofrei kennenlernen . Trader sollten sich die Möglichkeit nicht entgehen ... Demo Account Cabinet is available for all the customers using forex demo accounts. In order to start trading on demo account, you should: Open forex a demo account; Get account number and password; Download MetaTrader 4 and log in to it using the received data; Start forex trading on demo account ; Opening of Forex Demo Account. Open an account × Your forex demo account is opened. Account ... A Forex trade demo account in the Forex market is learning forex trading for free (like a simulator) with the live-trading atmosphere, however, trading with the learning account is done with virtual money. This type of practice Forex account serves three main purposes: 1. It Is A Way To Learn For Free. It is used by those who are not familiar with the Forex market; it allows study the market ...

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Tu primer paso en Forex: Cuenta Demo y MetaTrader 4 - YouTube

The broker website, I used in this tutorial is here : (Roboforex) This is my current broker. Which I find better than most I've used. ... Get a walkthrough of the web trading platform powered by TradingView Plus500 best software to trade forex? Procedure of forex? trading? Forex? seminars - which ones? How does the forex? market grow? Iforex? robot i - what the heck are they? a scam? How to start ... This is a quick and easy way to setup forex demo account on your metatrader 4 app. If you are not familiar with the different brokers, I have not had any iss... Open your FREE Live Demo account with AxiTrader and join in the ForexBoat training courses Too often new traders come into the market without getting to know the most fundamental components of foreign exchange and how currencies work. So we decided... Nombre: Tu primer paso en Forex: Cuenta Demo y MetaTrader 4 Expositor: Anuar Kamel Fecha: 08 / 02 / 2016 Revisa nuestros webinars gratuitos de enero e inscrí... Download Forex X Code Click Here: We are almost 24-hours online - Please feel free to ask We are almost 24-hours online - Please ... Get Your Bonus Here Once you have submitted your documents you will then be able to make a withdrawal. In order to... #forex #forexlifestyle #forextrader Want to join the A1 Trading Team? See trades taken by our top trading analysts, join our live trading chatroom, and acces...